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Hazzad Analysis Critical Control Points

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Hazzad Analysis Critical Control Points

HACCP is a preventive risk inventory program, developed for companies involved in manufacturing, processing, handling, packaging, distribution and shipment of food products (from raw materials and consumables to finished products). HACCP is not a manual as such, but an inspection program, that involves

Principles :

  • Systematic inventory of all potential hazards / risks.
  • Identification of the critical control points (CCP’s) : points  in a stage where the risk can be avoided or minimized.
  • Select critical barriers / indicative values and tolerated nonconformities per CCP.
  • Monitoring the CCP’s.
  • Capture corrective actions to reinsure safety.
  • Set up verification procedures : repeated inspection to make sure the HACCP approach is working properly.
  • Update documentary system : handbook – recordkeeping.

Origin: HACCP took its roots from US aerospace travel : Overdue food products could not be returned to the factory to get fresh replacements. Possible failure of a high-priced mission through food intoxication would be an unacceptable risk.


  • To guarantee and improve food safety : this requires high priority and is maintained by determining and keeping under control the hazardous health risks in manufacturing and handling processes.
  • Minimize the risks : this control program, originated by the European Union, is designed to constrain the potential food contamination risks (microbiological, chemical, physical) in all food processing areas.
  • Consideration of hazard’s frequency and severity rate (risk = probability x effect).
  • Fast and efficient interference in case of contamination problems.


  • Achieving a total quality management system.
  • HACCP certificate : to be used as a quality standard.
  • Manufacturer’s actions are structurally monitored.
  • Adequate hygienic working practices.
  • Commercial advantage : this kind of food safety quality program is required by most customers.


  • CRC Industries Europe launches a complete range of NSF registered products.
  • These products will support existing HACCP programs or help establishing a new HACCP system.
  • We are able to supply the food processing industry with a full range of required NSF registered products.
  • We offer a full documentation and product training.
  • The unique color coding CRC developed, enables a better control of the critical control points in the production process.

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